Come Write for Us!

Position: Writer
Application Deadline: Rolling

So you’re considering writing for us. You’ve checked out a few articles, like the stuff that we do, and are looking to get a by-line on our site. Maybe you’re a fresher face in journalism, or a more established writer looking for a different outlet.

Here is what we can offer:
– The usual stuff: free upcoming music from a diverse range of sources (and yes, the bigger acts as well), press passes to shows, access to interview artists either over the phone, via email or in person.
– Editing and feedback on your articles – we are not a content mill, and will go through at least one or two rounds of revision before publishing. This can be especially useful for newer writers, or those who seek constructive criticism on their writing.
– A secret Facebook community of our friendly staff, who chat about all manner of topics and trade music recommendations.

At this moment in time, we do not pay. However, beginning in 2017 we will be putting measures into place to begin offering paid work. If you want to learn more or get involved, please drop us an email.
So, here’s what we want to read about in your introductory email:
– A brief outline of your experience in writing (be it music or otherwise).
– Any genres you have a good amount of knowledge about, and any genres you are allergic to.
– A rough expectation of the number of articles you can submit per month.
– If possible, 2 samples of writing (preferably music journalism, although other entertainment/think piece-style articles also accepted).

What we are looking for:
– People who not only have a strong grasp of spelling and grammar, but can use the English language to craft their message in an engaging way. We encourage reading Broken Amp articles before submitting your own, to obtain an idea of the kind of content we like and publish.
– A logical flow, and cohesive/coherent arguments.
– Points are backed up with evidence, and research when required.
– Evidence of a strong level of communication to editors, and fellow writers when required.
– A passion for music as a whole, not just certain bands.
– A sense of curiosity to seek out something new and exciting.

To apply:
Please submit an application to brokenampsubmissions[at]gmail[dot]com – do say hi!