Episode 022 – The Bonus Podcast


This week we put out the bonus podcast, before bidding a temporary adieu to go on hiatus. We bring up a couple of Bandcamp recommendations (gamer metal and Chinese operatic extreme metal), and the first ever Defend A Record, where Mark defends a much-maligned Slayer record. Finally, we run a fascinating discussion on novels we would be interested to see turned into albums.

Download here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B239CyRmJLdKbGZmeFE1YTk3Rm8

Bands discussed:
CentimentFacebook. Their album Streets of Rage is available via Bandcamp here.
Black KirinFacebook. Their new album National Trauma is available via Pest Production’s Bandcamp here.
SlayerFacebook. Their album Diabolus In Musica is out now via American Recordings.

Topics discussed:

Mark’s review of Centiment’s Streets Of Rage when it came out, via ThisIsNotAScene


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