Festival Preview: Ghostfest 2015

  • With less than a week to go, anticipation for Leeds and Bristol’s city festival Ghostfest is certainly warming up. Featuring an array of hardcore, metal, and punk bands (as well some unexpected artists), there’s a lot to look forward to for the festival’s 10th anniversary.

    With their first appearance at the festival, headlining this year are Connecticut-based outfit Hatebreed. A band that have been going for over 20 years now, the five-piece will be sure to break down some walls as they perform their chaotic mix of metalcore and hardcore. Having toured with Slipknot earlier this year, it’s likely that the five-piece will surprise us all, possibly having picking up a few tips from the famous Corey Taylor-fronted giants. Meanwhile, making their return are Milton Keynes-based Heart of a Coward – a band known to achieve crushing performances with their quintessential metalcore; if Northlane, Meshuggah and Monuments were to have a child, that’d be somewhere near what to expect from the quintet.

    Hardcore-punk favourites Turnstile are to make a re-appearance, bringing much of the Leeds scene along with them. With a sound that mirrors that of Faith No More circa-The Real Thing with the 80s hardcore sounds of Suicidal Tendencies and Bad Brains, they’re definitely a must-watch for any discerning hardcore fan. Following a similar theme are Baltimore-based Angel Du$t. Again with a more focused 80s sound, suggestive of the East Coast Hardcore movement, the Black Flag inspired five-piece will probably bring a much more fun, dance-able experience than the heavier bands pictured above… still expect some chaos, mind.

    Photo credit: Marianne Harris

    Photo credit: Marianne Harris

    Mixing it up are Oathbreaker, a band whose live shows are nothing short of captivating and hypnotic. Their sound involves a mix of post-metal and doom musical language, albeit a strong hardcore element, they are most certainly going to blow a few minds. Borrowing members from Belgian doom-metal band Amenra, as well as being involved with them in the mystical Church of Ra collective,[1] Oathbreaker are definitely worth checking.

    Also performing is Jonny Craig, a man more familiarly known as heading popular Californian screamo band Dance Gavin Dance. However, don’t expect a sound even remotely related to the latter band; Craig’s solo material is more acoustic soul than it is post-hardcore. And this isn’t the only digression from Ghostfest’s familiar sounds; Siana Sweeney, more commonly known by her moniker Seafoal, will also be performing. On tour with Jonny Craig, and becoming YouTube-famous through her acoustic rendition of Bring Me The Horizon’s track ‘Drown’,[2] it’s uncertain how a majority-hardcore crowd will react to both artists’ performances, but a shift in dynamic could appeal to those wanting something different.

    Finally, in our reverse-order rundown, introducing the day will be Casey; a Touché Amoré and La Dispute-influenced five-piece outfit from South Wales. Making sure to start the day off on an high, the band incorporate emotional lyrics with huge soaring choruses and moving verses [in both ways! -Ed.], making the Wales screamo band a must-see to kick off your mosh.

    With such a varied line-up, Ghostfest 2015 contains plenty of artists compatible for the hardcore and metalheads of Leeds and Bristol. With a few detours from the usual fare, it’s clear that the festival this year is going to be in higher demand than ever before, and Ghostfest’s 10th anniversary will be a celebration indeed.

    1. http://www.churchofra.com/
    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txbvgnDKzG0

  • What: Ghostfest 2015
    Where: Leeds University Union/Bristol Motion
    When: 5th September/6th September respectively
    Tickets available: http://ghostfest.seetickets.com/tour/ghostfest

    Heart Of A Coward
    Despised Icon
    Born of Osiris
    Stray from the Path
    Crime In Stereo
    Make Them Suffer
    Rise of the Northstar
    Astroid Boys
    Angel Dust
    Jonny Craig
    Slaughter To Prevail
    Broken Teeth
    The Eyes of a Traitor
    Martyr Defiled
    Venom Prison
    Blood Youth


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