Music Submission



The following is a list of guidelines for bands who wish to submit their music to Broken Amp. It is a lengthy if by no means exhaustive list, but a lot of it should be common sense above anything else. We would STRONGLY encourage reading through this before submission, as several of these rules if broken will result in swift deletion.

N.B. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, and the nature of Broken Amp’s journalism, we cannot guarantee a reply to every submission we receive, let alone a feature on the music. Please do NOT send a follow-up e-mail if you do not hear from us. We will contact you if we are interested.

1. What We Accept
a) Genres we cover.
Anything that would comfortably fall into the rock, punk or metal genres. Please have a general read of the site to get a feel of the kind of things that crop up. If in doubt, send a BRIEF two- or three-line e-mail to [redacted]with a YouTube or Soundcloud link, and we will let you know if your music falls into our territory. No, pop rock does not count.

b) Formats we cover.
Albums, EPs and demos are all accepted. No singles or individual tracks will be accepted. No music videos will be accepted, unless it is provided as part of the album/EP/demo submission.

Physical copies are accepted, contact [redacted]for instructions. However there is no guarantee that they will be reviewed, so digital is generally a better option if it is available.

2. What We Need From You

a) All submissions are to be e-mailed to [redacted]. Subject line is [Band] – [Release], substituted by the appropriate names.

b) The necessary bits of info:
i. Artwork at a reasonable size (300×300 minimum)
ii. A general idea of genre description (ideally subgenre, such as post-punk or black metal). However, do not try and reinvent the wheel with this.
iii. A track listing, even if the songs are untitled or merely numbered.
iv. A link to download mp3s. Dropbox, Mediafire, WeShare etc. are all fine. Do NOT send mp3s as attachments, they will most likely be deleted. File quality should be 256kbps CBR minimum, and ideally 320kbps CBR. FLAC and WAV are accepted, but they will most likely be converted to mp3 anyway, so better to send in that format.
v. A note on streams: downloads are VASTLY preferred over streams, and most will be ignored expect on very exceptional circumstances.
vi. A note on Bandcamp: we do accept Bandcamp submissions, but please provide a download code if the release is not free or NYP.
vii. Provide social media links, if applicable. Facebook, Twitter, website, all valid if you use them regularly. Also link a method of purchasing your music, either physically or digitally. Bandcamp is of course accepted for the latter.
viii. One or two up-to-date band photos. This can be promo shots or live shots.

c) Optional, helpful extras:
i. A link to a song on YouTube or Soundcloud, which we can use to embed into the article.
ii. A biography of your band, if not easily found on Facebook or your website.
iii. Tour dates, if applicable.

3. General Notes.
a) Do not submit two separate ZIP/RAR files with the mp3s in one and the info in the other. Please submit them as one file.

b) Please ensure your mp3 files are tagged properly, with a minimum of band name, album name, track names and track numbers sorted. While a supplied track listing is all well and good for helping, we will not chase after sorting out every badly-tagged release. The onus is on you.

c) Do not sign us up to your band newsletter without our prior written consent. It will be deleted. In addition, any submission e-mail sent to a Broken Amp address that is not the one listed will be ignored, no exceptions.

d) It is in your interest to send a copy of your music to us before it’s out. The earlier we have it, the higher a chance that your band will be reviewed or included as part of a feature before it’s released.

e) Please send all correspondence and information in English. We don’t trust Google Translate.

f) We will not review any band whose lyrics or message which contain an agenda which is: racist, xenophobic, national socialist, homophobic or defamatory against any gender. If you submit your band in full knowledge of this, and it contains any of this material, it will be deleted and your name will be blacklisted.