Premiere: Archaea – Presence in the Void


Sweden and forward-thinking metal are near enough synonymous by now – a rich history proceeds today’s crop of bands looking to make their mark on the tapestry of metal. One such band who make an indelible mark on the scene are Archaea from Gothenburg.

Archaea’s sound is ostensibly melodic death metal (or ‘melodeath’, if that floats your boat), but within that concoction lies thrash metal, death metal, and an interesting relationship with organs and synthesizers that makes many take a step back upon first encounter with their music.

Their first album, Catalyst, was a well-executed romp in the above-described fields that received positive feedback from many corners of the metal globe. Now, the band have shifted their style even further to incorporate some black metal tropes – though that’s not all that’s new with their sound. A line-up shift – recently announced on their Facebook – has meant their singer Nils Klintenberg departed and duties are now handled by Oscar Wahlqvist (who started on bass, but moved to guitar as well as vocals). The style change adds a different timbre to the hoarse growls that peppered their earlier work. They’ve also slimmed down to a five-piece after nine years as a six-piece, though as you’ll see, that’s had no negative impact on their sound.

We have an example of this new style to share with you – a non-album single entitled ‘Presence in the Void’, with a lyric video to help decipher the content.

News about material is still tentative, but we’ve been told by guitarist Markus Heidarsson that the new songs are “more heavy, progressive and space-y”, with a preliminary release date sometime next year.

In terms of live shows, the only upcoming date is November 17th at Belsepub/Sticky Fingers Gothenburg supporting Tragederia, who are releasing their album Heresiarch at that show. Nils will also be present at that show for one final hurrah, singing some songs with Archaea before he bows out to “spend his spare time on painting and shamanism”, apparently.

You can follow Archaea on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Pick up a copy of Catalyst on their Bandcamp page.


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