Premiere: Sun of the Sleepless – “Where in My Childhood Lived a Witch”


Sun of the Sleepless
I like my black metal the way I like coffee most mornings: sweet, but with a hint of surprise. Because of black metal’s ever-evolving nature, originality is hard to inject in a genre that seems to already have covered all the bases. However, sometimes, that originality can come from taking cues from your childhood interests.

Germany’s Sun of the Sleepless – a one-man project from Schwadorf of Empyrium and The Vision Bleak – bring their own brand of nightmarish horror to the fold by taking elements of gothic metal while maintaining a sonic aesthetic similar to both Rotting Christ and Netherbird. ‘Where in My Childhood Lived a Witch’ is a ferocious track layered with backing synths, blast beats, and a rhythmic bass that paces the song nicely. The vocals are also superb: male, choral chanting can be heard through the atmospheric haze of the music and the intense, harsh vocals make the nightmare come alive. This song pays homage to childhood fears, as seen through the eyes of a reflective adult.

Schwadorf shared a quote with us about the track:

Where In My Childhood Lived A Witch” is a very special song to me with a bizarre, otherworldly and dreamlike, yet old school Black Metal atmosphere. It is a hymn to fantasy…to the world and it’s magic, the beauty and horrors perceived through the eyes of child. Besides being very inspired by the atmosphere of the TV Series Stranger Things it is directly inspired by my childhood and a place that always send shivers down my spine when I was a kid. Musically, it draws inspiration from very old Tiamat, Celtic Frost, Burzum and also Rotting Christ. It’s kind of old school but at the same time it is not at all, which is something I really wanted to achieve with the whole album.

To The Elements will be out on July 21st, 2017, via Prophecy Productions. Listen below for an advance listen to ‘Where in My Childhood Lived a Witch’. Pre-order the album here.


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