Smash The Mic Episode 001 – Morbidly Curious


Welcome to the first ever episode of Broken Amp’s Smash The Mic podcast! This is a new venture to take a more light-hearted look at topics and bands which may or may not be covered in more serious detail on the website. Co-hosts Mark and Psy dive into a wealth of topics, including Phil Anselmo’s recent debacle, Dave Mustaine’s daughter’s reality TV show and a new rock and metal convention in London, UK. Also expect reviews, festival updates and general chit-chat.

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Bands discussed:
MegadethWebsite. New album Dystopia out now.
KarybdisWebsite. New album Samsara out 19th February.
TexturesWebsite. New album Phenotype out now.

Topics discussed:
Loudwire article on Phil Anselmo
MetalSucks editorial
Electra Mustaine’s Reality TV Show



UK Tech-Fest

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