Smash The Mic Episode 002 – Hobbit Rap Music


Smash the Mic strikes back! Mark and Psy return with more news about Phil Anselmo’s tirade and take a look at the new videos from Killswitch Engage and Amon Amarth. Reviews this week include Dream Theater, Danimal Cannon and Borknagar, and Psy also gives a thumbsup to the début release by Milk Teeth.

Download here:

Bands discussed:
Dream Theater – Website. New album The Astonishing out now.
Danimal Cannon – Website. New album Lunaria out 11th March.
Borknagar – Website. New album Winter Thrice out now.
Milk Teeth – Bandcamp. New album Vile Child out now.

Topics discussed:
Phil Anselmo apology video.
Robb Flynn reaction video.
Phil Anselmo tells Down to “carry on without me”.

Killswitch Engage
“Hate By Design” video.

Amon Amarth 
Keyboard Warrior video.
“First Kill” video.



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