Smash the Mic Episode 005 – Here I Go Again With Blast Beats


Smash the Mic reaches its first minor milestone at 5 episodes! This week we review records from Good Tiger and Demonstealer. Mark talks about tongue-in-cheek black metal covers band Bykürius and a live show from Countless Skies and Aghast!. Also discussed is Stephen Carpenter‘s ongoing issues with Deftones, the latest HevyFest announcement, the current state of the “djent” movement and the sad passing of Riverside guitarist Peter Grudzinki, to whom this podcast is dedicated.

Download here:

Bands discussed:
Good TigerFacebook. New album A Head Full of Moonlight out now. Bandcamp.
Demonstealer – Facebook. New album This Burden is Mine out March 25th. Bandcamp.
Bykürius – Facebook. New album Our World Blackened out now. Bandcamp.
The Graven Sign – Facebook. New single As Hope Withers out now. Bandcamp.
Countless Skies – Facebook. New single Solace out now. Bandcamp.
Aghast Facebook Latest album All the Rage out now. Website.

Topics discussed:
Peter Grudzinki passes away.

The Black Dahlia Murder “Threat Level No.3” video.

New Gorguts song stream.

Stephen Carpenter reveals difficulty recording new Deftones record.

Latest HevyFest announcement.

“Djent 2016” video.

Djent 2016 – follow up video.


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