Smash the Mic Episode 008 – “I’m Not a Paramedic!”


This week on Smash the Mic, Mark and Psy discuss “the worst review” of a Baroness show, Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!‘s newly announced book and the rumours [since confirmed]that Axl Rose may be stepping on stage with AC/DC. Reviews this week come from Amon AmarthOceans of Slumber and Aliases, and Psy does as promised by bringing some UK hardcore to the table with a Bandcamp Recommendation of My Project Ghost.

Download here:

Bands discussed:
Amon Amarth Facebook. New album Jomsviking out now. Spotify.
Oceans of Slumber – Facebook. New album Winter out now. Spotify.
AliasesFacebook. New album Derangeable out April 15th. Basick Records Bandcamp.
My Project Ghost – Facebook. New EP A Strange Study on Honesty out now. Bandcamp.

Topics discussed:
Baroness fan talks about her sexual assault.

Baroness statement.

Laura Jane Grace announces book.

Marc Maron interviews Laura Jane Grace.

Axl Rose to front AC/DC?




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